Except for "Mali's Good Morning", all these pieces are generative. Enjoy them by clicking on the images or links. If you have a comment or a question, please leave them on my BLOG.


Binary Music, a generative music piece using a very simple rule.


Process: A sequence of multiples of the number 33 (0, 33, 66 etc.) is first generated. The sum of the digits of the binary representation of this sequence drives the pitch of each successive melody note (in MIDI notation). Programmed in Max.

Download BinaryMusic.mp3 here (1.9 MB). Best experienced with headphones.

Note: if you are experiecing "gaps" in playback, download the file to your computer (Mac users: press Option key while clicking on the link). Then double-click the file the downloaded file to play it. "Gaps" are less likely with the pieces below.


Counterpoint, two generative pieces using classical XVI century "rules".


Process: The melody line follows a structured section/phrase/subphrase construction. The accompaniment is a 4-piece harmony which follows Fux’s Gradus ad Parnassum compilation of counterpoint rules. The program iterates various solution candidates and chooses the best one based on a weighting of “penalties" for breaking the rules. Programmed in Max.

Download MusicFux243.mp3 here (3.9 MB). Pianos only. Best experienced with headphones.

Download MusicFux307.mp3 here (1.0 MB). Variuous instuments. Also, best experience with headphones.


Maliannas Two, an experiment in rendering a piece by JS Bach with my wife's voice.


Process: Score exported from Xx to Metasynth and rendered with samples of my wife's singing the scale. Not generative as far as I know, but I thought the process and results were cool.

Download MaliannasTwo.mp3 here (0.8 MB)


Mali's Good Morning, a playful short melody for 4 instruments and choir. The main call/response theme rotates among the voices.


OK, this piece is not really generative, so this site is for generally (but not always) generative art / toys / code / links.

Download Mali's Good Morning.mp3 here (2.7 MB)